We bring characters to life one frame at a time

Hand-drawn animation for TV, film, and the web

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Non-profits, large corporations, and entertainment icons have relied on our award-winning animation to connect with audiences of all ages.

We've created animation for everything from web shorts, to TV interstitials, indie films and major advertising campaigns. We carefully craft each frame of animation for excellence in design and entertainment.

Top brands have trusted us to deliver outstanding work and so can you.

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A few ideals guide what we make and how we work.
They're our compass for doing great things.

  • 1 Delight, inspire, and inform.

  • Our first job is to entertain. But our best work will also transform your thoughts, feelings, and understanding about life and the world around you.

  • 2 Character is king.

  • We are dedicated to character-driven storytelling and animation. People enjoy a great story, but they fall in love with a great character.

  • 3 Be inclusive.

  • All types of people love cartoons. We make work that has broad appeal and prefer to connect with overlooked audiences most of all.

  • 4 Good work is built on trust.

  • We seek to foster mutual trust with our creative collaborators, clients, and fans. That's the foundation of good relationships and good work.

  • 5 Value the individual.

  • Outstanding results come from combined individual efforts. Whether the role is large or small, we value the contribution of everyone we work with.

  • 6 Be passionate!

  • We love what we do. The energy and care creators devote to their craft is felt by the audience, who will value and enjoy it as a result.

    Featured projects

    DC Nation

    Farm League

    The Justice League remade as barnyard superheroes vs. supervillain varmints.

    Electric Company

    The Blob

    A friendly but obnoxious blob can only be stopped by the correct use of short "a".


    Polly's New York

    Street style drawings capturing the individual spirit of New Yorkers.

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    Rauch Brothers Animation brings great characters to life one frame at a time. We work with top-shelf creative talent to produce original content and provide quality client services. Our award-winning work for TV, film, and the web has been used to connect with audiences of all ages.


    We can bring your project to life, from concept to final execution.

    This is what we do best:

  • Creative Direction
  • Character Development
  • Story Development
  • Character Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Speaking Engagements
  • We care deeply about delivering top quality in everything we do and it shows. 100% of our past clients have approached us for repeat business.

    We would love to find out what we can do for you. All it takes to get the conversation started is a quick call or email.

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