StoryCorps "Listening Is an Act of Love" (2013)

Six stories from 10 years of StoryCorps, where everyday people sit down together to ask life's important questions and share stories from their lives.


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The Icing on the Cake

Blanca Alvarez and her daughter remember their first years in the U.S.

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Eyes on the Stars

Before becoming an astronaut, Ron McNair was a kid with big dreams in Lake City, SC.

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The Last Viewing

A Vietnam vet whose son died in combat in Iraq, finds comfort in a chance encounter.

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John and Joe

On September 11, 2001, the Vigiano brothers died saving others at the World Trade Centers.

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Listening Is an Act of Love on DVD and iTunes

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The first-ever StoryCorps special, Listening Is an Act of Love, presents six stories from ten years of the innovative oral history project, where everyday people share extraordinary stories of love, loss, and their daily lives.

DVD extras include 15 additional StoryCorps shorts and an interview with The Rauch Brothers.

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Tools We Used


Directed by

The Rauch Brothers

Art Direction

Bill Wray


Stephen DeStefano
Tom Minton

Executive Producers

Dave Isay
Donna Galeno


Mike Rauch
Lizzie Jacobs


Maya Millett

Consulting Producer

Michael Garofalo

Production Assistants

Makeba Seargeant
Deena Beck
Frank Gidlewski


Tim Rauch

Assistant Animation

Polly Guo
Erica Perez
David Sheahan

FX and Compositing

Deena Beck
Gary Leib

Original Music

Nick Yulman

Audio Produced by

Michael Garofalo
Nadia Reiman
Katie Simon

Production Intern

Vivienne Medrano

Music by Fredrik

The Kora Records
published by House of Hassle

Funding provided by


Animation Production

Rauch Bros. Animation

In partnership with

American Folklife Center

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